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Ice Molds

Your life-Style begins with Ice designs in the glass

Life-Style, sophisticated, attention to detail is what you observe when you find an Ice designed in a glass. There are widest varied molds set to your drink. proposes to share valuable information about the quality and variety of the ice molds to enjoy drinks anytime. Experts and specialist perfectly agree that have designed ice in the drink bring style and distinction.

Top 6 ice molds to drink whiskey or any liquor
Make the difference…

Try some thematic ice molds

Ice Cube Trays, Large Square Molds with Lid, Ice Cube Tray

Regular and standard Ice molds trays

Ice molds for any occasion

 Commercial Ice Makers

Commercial Ice Maker 120-130LBS/24H with 33LBS Bin, Full Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction, Automatic Operation, Clear Cube for Home Bar, Include Water Filter, Scoop, Connection Hose

 Ice accessories

The Ice for different drinks should be kept in containers to preserve the right temperature and avoid the melted. These containers are called Icebox and you can find it in a wide variety of qualities and sizes. Also, you can find other accessories to handles the ice, for instance, the tongs

Bonus – World-Class accessories

Attention! The ice molds should be in compliance with healthy regulations

It is important to our goal to provide essential information to help you to find the right molds, this kind of tool to human consumption is regulated in North America. ✔️ All kinds of food containers should be BPA-Free, FDA-Approved, Platinium Silicone, safe use in the microwave oven, temperature -40 °C to 230 °C, easy to clean, and no open flame also should be resistant in the dishwashers. Keep this in mind before buying it.

Tips and Tricks for Icer Lovers!